OuT in The green, TogeTher

Sus­tainable, green, impres­si­ve: BUWOG WEY­DEN­HOF is desi­gned as an ensem­ble geared towards the future. The tho­rough­ly car-free, fami­ly-fri­end­ly inte­ri­or cour­ty­ard offers a high-qua­li­ty ambi­ence as a result of its num­e­rous sea­ting are­as and various play faci­li­ties for kids.

Most of the impres­si­ve ent­ran­ces are oppo­si­te one other, making the cour­ty­ard a place for gathe­ring and com­mu­ni­ty. The near-natu­ral land­sca­ping in the cour­ty­ard fea­tures many robust gras­ses and peren­ni­als that crea­te an attrac­ti­ve appearance all year round.

Flat roof­tops with amp­le gree­n­ery ensu­re a good cli­ma­te and natu­ral insu­la­ti­on against heat and cold. All of the plan­tings are bee-fri­end­ly and the sel­ec­tion matches the facility’s near-natu­ral appearance.


  • Shared, natu­ral­ly ven­ti­la­ted under­ground car park with 86 par­king spaces for cars

  • Pos­si­bi­li­ty for instal­la­ti­on of char­ging stations

  • More than 400 bicy­cle par­king spaces, most of them in lockable bicy­cle rooms in the under­ground car park

  • 4 motor­cy­cle par­king spaces

  • Day-care cent­re direct­ly in the development

  • Car-free inte­ri­or courtyard

  • Inte­ri­or cour­ty­ard with ple­nty of greenery

  • Attrac­tively desi­gned exte­ri­or facilities